Sunday, April 17, 2011

Okay, so one of my favorite things to do is host parties. I always do a little something for my kids birthday even if it's only having family over for dinner. I try to make each one special for them and I don't always have a lot of money to spend on store bought decorations. One very inexpensive option is with balloons and crepe caper. For about $3.00 I can turn my dining room into a birthday party that looks like I've spent weeks planning. Start in the middle of your ceiling and twist two coordinating crepe paper colors. Go from the center to all four corners, then go to the mid point of each corner. Once you have all of your crepe paper hung then pin about 3 balloons to each end. In the center where all the paper starts you can hang as many balloons as your heart desires, keep them bunched together and tie them together with twirling ribbon.

Another option that you can use is hanging tissue pompoms. It use requires a little more work but still costs very little. You can purchase about 5 packs of tissue paper. (Buy about 2 or 3 coordinating colors). There is a tutorial on Martha Stewart's website that will tell you how to make them but be sure to make them no more than 2 days in advance because they will get damaged. Here is the website: .

I have also used the same method in a little different way but basicly the same process. When your making pompoms you pull the tissue out on both sides to make a circle. If you pull all the sheets of tiss
ue out on one side you can make tissue flowers and make a centerpiece. If your hosting a shower where you have lots of different tables to decorate this is a great idea to use. Just
attach the flowers to a stick and ask around for recycled flower vases. I don't know anyone who doesn't have a few of those stashed under their sink. I have also made them in a smaller version and made a tissue flower covered monogram. Check out the picture of one that I made recently using foam board from the dollar tree as a base.

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