Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peace, Love, and Paper Ornaments

Another "paper project" that I have recently worked on is Personalized Ornaments. For Christmas I made every female member of my family an ornament in the shape of the first initial of their name. They all seemed to really enjoy getting something that had their name on it and for only pennies they made really cute gifts. For my daughter's 14th birthday recently I made each girl that attended her party a peace sign ornament. My husband helped me to calculate the dimensions of the pattern and I'm sorry I don't have any idea what they were but I'm sure that if you Googled "peace sign" and then chose "images" you will have an ample array of peace signs to choose from to have a pattern. Once my peace sign was traced and cut out (two sided paper is a definite must on this project) I laminated it with do it yourself laminating sheets that I had left over from another project but can be purchased from Wal-mart. When you laminate the peace sign (or initial) make sure that you rub the edges very well so the two sides are firmly pressed together. Also, leave yourself a good little lip along the edges so that they don't come apart later. (And they will if you do not do this!) Once the peace sign is laminated and cut out the next step would be to add the bendable wire to hang it with. Find something sharp to poke a hole big enough for the wire to slip through, bend wire to attach, and start putting beads on the wire to the length you would like the ornament to hang. After the beads are hung and the wire is attached firmly, tie a couple thin pieces of ribbon in a little knot on the side to add a little dimension. Alright what are you waiting for? Go get those scissors to work!

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