Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Infamous Babyshower

I thought I might start talking about the baby shower projects that I had mentioned before. There are so many that it will take me a while to talk about all of them. When I was planning the shower I relied on blogs a lot. There seemed to be endless ideas from people just like me that loved to put that personal touch on things and didn't want to use store bought decorations. First of all let me tell you that the shower was for my closest friend Regina and her husband Scott. They have been married for about 15 years and this was their first baby. They were expecting a baby girl who actually decided to come early and was in the NICU while the shower was going on. So there was no way I was going to let them have an average run of the mill baby shower from the party supply store. I think you all can see why.
So lets get started, the guest list was quite large so I had to come up with ideas that were practically free. The first project on the list was favors. I decided on a couple but the favorite of the day was the "Baby Bootie Favor".  You start out with plain white 8 oz styrofoam cups. Cut about an inch off the top. Cut two slits from the top of the cup to about an inch from the bottom. Make slits about 1 1/2" apart. This is the tongue of the shoe. Next use hole punchers and punch two holes on each side of the "tongue" (Not too close to the edge but not too far back.)  Take clear fingernail polish and paint over holes.  This keeps the "shoelaces" from ripping the styrofoam. Once the polish is dry take a strand of ribbon in the color of your theme and just simply lace your shoe. I added a "thank you" note to my bootie and added a small package of candy inside. I used Good & Plenty's because they matched my theme so well. LOL. The booties were a huge hit, everyone loved them and gingerly took one home as a keepsake. I also added in a pic of the personalized water bottle favors. These can be printed but I made them myself with scrap paper because as it turns out I'm better with my hands than I am with a computer. I think there were adorable. So many times favors are thrown into the bottom of a purse or left on the table when the guests are all gone. Not this time, I can honestly say that each guest truly appreciated all the hard work that went into them. The best part about them is that it gave all of the girls who were throwing the shower an excuse to get together and have a glass of wine, craft, and enjoy each others company. Even the mom to be made some. Hope you enjoy this project.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I wanted to post a picture of the monogrammed ornaments that I spoke about earlier. I finally found the computer chip that I had taken pictures of them on. These were Christmas gifts that I had made for pennies and everyone seemed to love. It was also the very first project that I made with my Cricut.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My final post for the night is another Mother's Day project that I did only for the Grandma's. I took pictures of my girls holding up letters spelling out LOVE. I then found the PERFECT frame at the Dollar Tree to present my pictures. If you decide to do this project a word of advice is to take the pictures both Vertically and Horizontally so that your pictures fit no matter which way the frame goes. Good Luck to you, for now this blogging woman is going to bed I'm all crafted out!

Mother's Day Ideas

I kind of skipped over Mother's Day but I do want to show you what I threw together for gifts. I have 4 older sister who help me with my 2 girls, a mother-in-law, mother, and a sister-in-law. This Mother's Day was a poor poor pitiful time in the Little household but I couldn't bare to not have anything to give to all those people who mean so much to me. So I trekked town to my local dollar store (yet again) and I bought wine glasses for those who drink wine, regular drinking glasses for those who don't, and a special coffee cup for my mother who ONLY drinks coffee. I cut out the first letter of each of their names and several size circles with my cricut in vinyl stickers that I ordered a while back on Ebay. Each person had a little gift from me and I was able to show them that even though I didn't spend a lot of money I did put a lot of thought and love in their gift.

Here is a shot of both pieces on my front porch. My neighbors don't quite know what to think of me right now. But at least I'm giving them something to look at as they drive by.

Dollar Store Decorating pt. 2

I wanted to hang something on my door but I didn't want to have to drive all over town looking for a wreath and the store bought ones in my price range are usually just hideous. I kind of stayed in the hideous category with this next project but at least it was different. I guarantee no one else will have this on their door. I mentioned earlier some other supplies that I purchased while at the dollar store. They were, about 5-6 bunches of the red, white, and blue carnations and a piece of white foam board. I already had ribbon here at home. I cut out the letter of our last name "Little" and covered it with hot glued carnations. Sounds horrible doesn't it. LOL! Well, you be the judge. I added some ribbon at the top and here is the final project. Tell me what you think.

Dollar Store Decorating

Hi guys, so I recently purchased a Christmas tree at a yardsale that is meant to go outside. I brought the tree home and put it on my front porch. There it sat for several weeks waiting for me to put it away. After being asked a hundred time why I had a Christmas tree on my front porch I decided to do something with it. Since my garage looks like an episode of "Hoarders" I decided that it just couldn't take one more thing to be stuffed in there. So, I pulled out my easter eggs, white lights, and went to town. I really wish I had taken a picture of it because it really was cute. I actually was sad to have to take it down. So I started thinking about the next big holiday to come. Since Memorial Day and Fourth of July were next I headed to my local dollar store. There I purchased (2) rolls of Red, White, and Blue ribbon; (2) pks. of stars wire decoration, and a pack of pipe cleaners. I also purchased some other things that I'll talk about later. I made a bow (2 separate ones that I tied on back to back with pipe cleaners) for the top of my tree and just strung the stars garland all around. Then I took all of the red, white, and blue pipe cleaners and wrapped them around a pencil to make curly coils and just affixed them to the branches. Here is the final result, please comment and tell me what you think.