Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dollar Store Decorating pt. 2

I wanted to hang something on my door but I didn't want to have to drive all over town looking for a wreath and the store bought ones in my price range are usually just hideous. I kind of stayed in the hideous category with this next project but at least it was different. I guarantee no one else will have this on their door. I mentioned earlier some other supplies that I purchased while at the dollar store. They were, about 5-6 bunches of the red, white, and blue carnations and a piece of white foam board. I already had ribbon here at home. I cut out the letter of our last name "Little" and covered it with hot glued carnations. Sounds horrible doesn't it. LOL! Well, you be the judge. I added some ribbon at the top and here is the final project. Tell me what you think.

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