Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day Ideas

I kind of skipped over Mother's Day but I do want to show you what I threw together for gifts. I have 4 older sister who help me with my 2 girls, a mother-in-law, mother, and a sister-in-law. This Mother's Day was a poor poor pitiful time in the Little household but I couldn't bare to not have anything to give to all those people who mean so much to me. So I trekked town to my local dollar store (yet again) and I bought wine glasses for those who drink wine, regular drinking glasses for those who don't, and a special coffee cup for my mother who ONLY drinks coffee. I cut out the first letter of each of their names and several size circles with my cricut in vinyl stickers that I ordered a while back on Ebay. Each person had a little gift from me and I was able to show them that even though I didn't spend a lot of money I did put a lot of thought and love in their gift.

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