Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baby Shower Ideas

Since I was decorating for this shower with practically no money you will see that a majority of the items are made of paper or recycled materials. All of the centerpieces were made with only the cost of tissue paper. Well, I take that back you may have to buy some of the items that I had on hand like wrapping paper and gift bows but I assure you everything that I did have was still only purchased for around a dollar each so you will still be doing extremely well on budget with any of these ideas.  So, I started out with boxes that I brought home from work that had a lid (envelope boxes). I wrapped them with wrapping paper and glued ribbon to look like a gift. I stuffed the bottom with newspaper and covered that with tissue paper to look like an opened gift. Now you can fill them with what ever you want, baby clothes for mom to keep would be cute that was my original intention but the little preggo mama's turned out so cute I had to use them somewhere. Now you may not want to invest the time in them that I did but believe me when I tell you that this was completely therapeutic for me and I enjoyed every minute of it. If you are interested in using this idea just follow same instructions as before by tracing over pictures found online and making a pattern. I glued all my mama's to skewers and arranged them in the boxes. The skewers hold nicely in the packed newspapers. Add more tissue popping up and there you have it, a centerpiece for pennies.  For alternating tables I used smaller boxes with the letters of the baby's name sticking out.
One of the biggest impact the room had was a big piece of wall art made out of wrapping paper, and poster board. The babies name attached to the wall was worth every second it took to make it. I simply cut out the letters of her name on a piece of poster board, cut them out and covered them with wrapping paper. To give it a more sturdy feel I "laminated" each letter with packing tape. Works like a charm.

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