Saturday, June 4, 2011

Diaper cakes are awesome their possibilities are endless. I have made diaper cakes with themes of frogs, cowboys, Gamecocks, and this one is the theme of a princess. Mama wanted a tutu somewhere in the shower. Tulle is about as cheap as you can get so I thought why not. If I tell you how cheap I went with this one you'll probably laugh me out of this blog but I have to admit even I out did my own self on the cheapskate scale. So I was trying to find a pedestal to put the diaper cake and I just couldn't find anything so after looking around at everything I started gluing styrofoam cups together. Three high and three bundles all glued together to make a sturdy stand for my circle cut from the side of a box to rest on. I covered the circle in wrapping paper, then glued the tulle to the edges until I had a tutu. I added a little ribbon to hide the imperfections added my diapers and tada a princess diaper cake stand. I think this was my favorite project. (You cant see it in the picture but the top of the cake is the most adorable toy princess crown found at (you guessed it) the dollar store. 

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