Saturday, June 4, 2011

Finish up your table with a table cloth from the dollar store and a strip of wrapping paper going down the center as a table runner.  I have found that it takes 1 whole roll per table unless you cut it down the center like I did then you get 2 tables to a roll.  The candle were made from used baby food jars thanks to my little friend Isla who saved me her empties. I cut out an "a" and modge podged it to the jar then I covered it with a pale pink tissue paper ripped into small pieces. Once dried and lit the "a" shines through the jar. Just make sure that you use a dark color paper to make the letter you want shinning through.  I also did this project for a wedding shower using regular glass candle holders from the dollar store and spelled out "love".  You'll also notice that I added a picture of both mama and daddy to the tables to add a little fun to the tables. Guests loved looking at each table because no two were alike. 

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