Monday, July 4, 2011

Favors for the Shower

I wanted to made more that one favor for the shower and as you know I didn't want to spend any money. So I decided that I wanted to make some bookmarks and at the same time bring everyones attention to the meaning behind the baby's name. Because I work in a doctors office I come home everyday with at least 10 paper clips in my scrub pockets. So I decided the easiest way to decorate them would be with a punch that I had in the shape of a flower. Easy squeeezie I punched out the flower, a regular hole puncher for the center, a little glue stick and ta-da! A handmade bookmark party favor. Next I typed up a little explanation of the meaning behind the baby's name and clipped the bookmark to the paper. The best part of the project was seeing mom and dad read the little note attached. It proved that spending a lot of money isn't what makes an event, it's the thought and love behind all the little details. Hope you enjoy this project.

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