Friday, July 15, 2011

Lions & Tigers & Monkey's Oh My... Baby Shower for Baby Isaac

My most recent project was for a baby shower in honor of my brand new great nephew Isaac who is due on... My Birthday! (she says proudly) I didn't go to the great lengths on this shower because it was the parents wishes to have a small intimate toned down shower so I'll just show you the sweet little banner that I made for the cake table sporting Isaac's name and a few of the safari animals that will be the new theme of his nursery at home. The parents were later able to take the banner home to hang in his room. The second picture I can't take credit for. My sister, who is also a craft diva made the palm tree out of a cardboard tube and an umbrella. I finished it off with a monkey and a vine. I think small and simple was just the ticket here and the party was a great success. 

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