Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby Fever cont.

So my next and probably not my last idea was the easiest, cutest thing I have seen in a while. I have been buying socks every chance I get in order to make... Project # 3 Baby Leg Warmers. Oh yes you heard me, the picture that I have posted is the experimental pair that I made from an old pair of my girls socks. (They are not happy by the way that I cut up their socks) but it was worth it. I found a tutorial on Youtube and couldn't believe how easy they were to make! I will post more pictures as I make them. If you look for these on Etsy or children's boutiques you will pay $10.00 on up for them. The socks that I am collecting are all $1.00 or less. There is no other supplies needed other than scissors and a sewing machine. My kind of project!

Baby Fever cont.

For my next project I was trying to get a little funky. I keep seeing onesies on t.v. and online with cute sayings and designs that are absolutely hilarious. So therefore the birth of Project # 2 - Funky Onesies. I have TONS of ideas to do for this but I would be here all night telling you about them so here are two. I really want to make them with band names. I mean how cute would it be for a little baby boy to be sporting a Red Hot Chili Peppers onesie? Anyway they are super easy to make with just a printer and printable iron on transfers.

Baby Fever

Well I have to admit with the new addition of my sweet new nephew Isaac I have been bitten by the baby bug. No new babies for me but that doesn't stop me from wanting to experiment on some cute little ideas that are scrambling around in my brain. Which can sometimes be a dangerous place to be. The first thing I tried actually came out pretty well. Project # 1 Baby Burp Cloths. I used a burpee cloth from a friend as a pattern  (leaving about a 1/4 of an inch around the edges) and picked out some modern fabric that you wouldn't normally associate with a baby. Use a soft absorbent fabric for the backing. They literally took minutes to make and I have been really happy with the final products.