Monday, July 23, 2012

The Bride (aka my niece Amelia)
Hi everyone! I have been a busy busy girl lately. I am currently planning my nieces wedding. It is a Vintage styled Hoity Toity extravaganza. I just can't wait for the big day. Seeing all the little things come together to make one big beautiful finished product is my favorite part. BUT I am posting now to share with you the bridal shower that we recently threw for her. I must say that it exceeded all expectations I had and everyone seemed to have a great time. I actually had very little to do with the planning of this event. I am in nose deep with this wedding and I wouldn't have been able to put in a hundred percent so I left the major plans to the rest of my sisters. I came up with the basic idea after a recent string of luck at yard sales where I was finding "everything vintage" (see previous post). My niece is a very independent headstrong woman so what better theme to pick for her bridal shower than "Vintage 60's Happy Housewife" Right!?! I thought it was a perfect way to playfully pick on her, knowing her personality is anything but of a submissive housewife. The Invitations were made in the shape of an apron. Here are two different links that I used as inspiration for the invitations.The greeting said something like dust off your pearls and iron out your aprons ... you get the idea. 
Either one that you choose to use would be adorable. 
The decorations were just red and white checkered table cloths with random vintage household items strewn around. I made little cards with "helpful hints" on how to be a good housewife. E-How gave me some very useful information on the matter and gave all of our ladies a good laugh. Just to give you an idea here is one of my favorite hints. # 12 As he walks in the door you hand him the paper, his favorite drink, ask how his day went and then leave him alone for 30 minutes while you finish dinner, get it on the table and quietly announce it's time to eat. After he and the kids finish dinner you clear the table,wash all the dishes by hand, dry them and put them away, clean the kitchen again and remember to look perky!
 LOL! I know right! I worded a few a little differently because some of them got a little silly. This was after all a hoity toity party and I wanted to keep it classy. LOL! But the biggest jaw drops came from an actual excerpt from a 1950's home economics school book titled The Good Housewife. If you have never read this you really need to to take a few minutes to read it. Jaw Dropping! That's just all I can say about it. Just read it!  We would read one or two tips as the party went on. (Don't read them all at one time your guests will get bored).We had desserts only, coffee poured from silver teapots, we sipped only from the good china, and of course what vintage party would be complete without the punch. Dipped from the most beautiful elegant silver punch bowl you could ever imagine. Everyone was adorned with their pearls and what turned out to be the best part was dressed in vintage clothing that I just happened to come across at (you guessed it) a yard sale. I bought an entire 20 gallon trash bag full of them for $5.00. I set up a photo booth with an ironing board and an iron. No real "crafts" were made for this shower (other than the invitations) but it is a perfect idea for my not so crafty friends to pull off. Just use your imagination when trying to pull off a fun event. Don't be afraid to look silly and remember my motto "Go big or go home baby!" Perfect also in describing my hair style. 
This is my "jacked to Jesus" do

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