Thursday, August 16, 2012

The overall theme of the wedding has sort of evolved over the last few months. I knew I wanted it to be vintage, a little old and rustic, but still have a splash of sparkle here and there. I really think I have achieved that "feel" that I was going for. However, the one thing I did not expect it to be is "green". As a matter of fact, due to my (how can I put this) FRUGALNESS, this is probably the "greenest" wedding that ever was. I went to yard sales, I borrowed items, I revamped what I already owned, and I created things out of items that were going to be thrown away. (I.E. The centerpieces) But my lowest point had to be when I went dumpster diving. Every day as I took out the trash where I work I would notice two pieces of broken fence just laying there on the ground. I wanted to bring them home so bad and make them pretty but I was always too embarrassed to load them up in my car. Finally one day I told my friend what I was going to do, I told her that if she wanted to walk away and pretend she didn't know me I would understand. Anyway I'm glad I did because this is what I created.

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