Sunday, September 2, 2012

I used the same technique of white paint and antiquing glaze on the screen divider. I actually used it on a lot of projects that you will see later. The screens were a yard sale find. I made two screen dividers (One white and one purple) out of bifolding closet doors that I purchased for $12.00 I painted them and put them back together with hinges. A trick that I found on Pinterest was to make the hinges look rusty and old soak them in vinegar overnight. They will look great. I am hoping to hang pictures of all different sizes for a photo display.
My favorite favorite favorite craft of the entire wedding is the directional sign. Because the wedding site is a historical site we are limited to what we can do on the grounds so we made it to stand on it's own with out having to be driven into the ground. I bought a cheap piece of thin plywood that you can buy at Lowes (come in smaller pieces so you don't have to buy a whole piece of plywood.) and the post was purchased in the same section. I'm sorry I don't know the correct terminology for the wood I just looked at the size, smoothness and thickness of the board, and of course (you know me) price. I bought the cheapest thing I could find. I probably have around $10.00 in this sign including the paint. They have small paint sample buckets available at Lowes for about 3.00. You pick a color just like if you were picking out a color for your walls. It was enough to do all the projects I needed for the wedding and I still have some left over. The white paint was some that I already had. Once I painted the words on the sign I used an antiquing glaze over everything and made it look distressed. It is definitely one of my favorite crafts I've ever made. 
Ok, the wedding is two weeks away and I thought I would post a couple more sneek peeks at what is to come. Because our bride and groom are doing everything but a traditional wedding I thought the small things would be what would make this wedding special. I wanted to incorporate all of the elements in a traditional wedding and add a little twist to make it personal. This is a good example of that. The traditional chair signs would usually say something like, MR. & MRS. or Bride & Groom, I've even seen them say His & Hers. If you know our bride you know our version was most fitting to her personality. (I did steal this idea from so check out their version as well) The hardest part was cutting the darn burlap in a straight line. I made the flowers from scrap fabric but you could use silk flowers or lace or pretty much anything your mind could come up with. I just painted the words with acrylic craft paint and stencils.