Sunday, October 7, 2012

I guess my new favorite thing to do is to paint wood signs. I have decided though that I would rather paint a hundred signs with the scroll type lettering than just 1 with block lettering. I guess it's the straight lines that get me. Anyway this one is the latest, it is a sign that I painted for my friend who is expecting a little boy.  I thought since she was doing the shower in the nautical theme that she was also doing the nursery that way as well, but guess what,... I was wrong. It's okay she will use it somewhere else, she loved it.  I ran across a great deal on scrap wood at the Home Depot so I only have 50 cent invested. You gotta love that right! 
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Friday, October 5, 2012

I want to share my latest project(s) with you. I couldn't be happier in how it turned out. The idea kind of started with Pinterest but I changed it around a little to work for me. I stared out thinking I was going to use  shipping pallet wood. I am in love with all the great things you can make with shipping pallets and spend practically no money. During a visit to the Home Depot I ran across a whole pile of wood pieces that were marked down to 50 cent so I took advantage of a great deal and it saved me from having to break apart the pallets. My sweet husband put the slats of wood together for me and made it suitable for hanging. Then it was my turn, let me tell you it was a lot of work. These are not letters cut out with a Cricut although you could do that. These letters were hand painted and what better words to paint than the words to my favorite Elvis song. The pictures on either side were a Pinterest project as well. I had pictures printed out at my local UPS store (11 X 17 was the largest size they could print) and modge podged them on a wooden board. (remember to paint the edges) I'm just thrilled with how it all turned out. Oh I almost forgot, the shelf was originally intended to be a shipping pallet but my husband had the day off and was undoubtedly a little bored because he went one step further and created me a masterpiece with scrap wood he had laying around. I Love it!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thanks to my beautiful friends for reading this stupid blog and showing me your support. I would love for you to comment on anything that you like or I also accept any constructive criticism that is offered. I love you all! B

This will be my final post for the night I promise. Let me just say that I am posting these next pictures without permission from the guests so I really hope they don't get angry. I wanted to share a few pics from the photo boot. Again these were taken by other guests. Because the wedding took place on a Civil War battleground the stocks that were used on site for tourists to enjoy were the perfect photo booth prop. Unfortunately we have no good pictures to share but you can see how it was a good idea to start with right...? Oh my, I want to choke my sister right now!!! GRRR!

I would be here all night if I talked about every single detail of this wedding but here are a couple more. If you don't listen to anything else I tell you please do this when planning an event. PERSONAL TOUCHES, PERSONAL TOUCHES, PERSONAL TOUCHES!!! (1) We "clothes pinned" old family pictures that were wedding or couple related. The guests had a blast going down memory lane together and laughing at some of the old hair styles. (2) My mother (the bride's grandmother) is currently battling Alzheimers. She wanted to help with the wedding plans so we sat her down to a sewing machine and she sewed nearly a hundred dinner napkins for us. We cut and ironed them and she happily sewed the edges down. I added a tea stained note explaining that if you noticed that your napkin was a little crooked or not sewn quite so straight it was because Amelia's grandmother, whom she was named after, was so excited to have been able to do her part for the wedding. It reminded them that September was Alzheimers awareness month so please remember those battling this disease as well as the families going through it with them. 
Let me tell you people that I have thrown together many, many parties with favors, and this was the first time that I literally could not find any left over to save for myself. Every single napkin favor was taken home along with the heartfelt note that was tucked inside. Guests are still talking about it. 
Without argument the piece of the night was the bar. The groom built the bar out of shipping pallets. Not only were we thrifty but we were being green and recycling as well. I didn't get a good picture of it either. Partly because my photographer sucked also because the piece fit so well in the space most people thought it belonged there. He went above and beyond on this project. I also want to share a picture of  the birdseed favors that the bride made herself. Aren't they just precious. She gets her craftiness from me... LOL!

Here are a few random shots of the reception that you may enjoy, (1) I am so proud of my beautiful pennant that was hung inside the tent (that no good pictures were taken of), (2) my ten dollar antique dresser with the beautiful antique quilt that was amazingly enough in our wedding colors (that no good pictures were taken of), (3) and the burlap chair signs that just described our bride and groom to a T (which no good pictures were taken of). I am so sorry that these are the only shots I have to show you, these pictures really don't do it justice(to say the least).

Next, I want to show you the beautiful drinking glass display. Another Pinterest idea of course but I cannot take credit for this project. My friend's husband loaned this to me, he made it with the intention of being a cupcake stand for his daughters birthday party, I saw the idea on Pinterest and immediately called to see if I could borrow it. I made a sign to tell everyone what they were to do and bought some generic tags from Walmart so they could tag their glass. Of course the devil is in the details so I literally stood up and hand dyed each tag in a tea bath to give them the same rustic look that the rest of the wedding had. It turned out great. 

Moving right along to the reception, our theme was basicly rustic, vintage, with a little bit of sparkle. We used a lot of burlap,we ripped fabric instead of cutting it, we painted wood bright shiny white and then distressed it. All of our table centerpieces were different. We had a general layout with off white doilies, aged books, and handmade centerpiece trees but apart from that every single table was different and unique. So much so that I had to take a picture of each table to know how they went back together. What is a centerpiece tree you ask? Well let me just tell you that they were the topic of much debate. The groom hated them, my husband hated them, and countless members of our family hated them. But the bride LOVED them. So who do you think won out? Yep, your right. One of the funniest moments of the wedding planning was when the bride was telling her future mother in law about her beautiful centerpieces that were practically free. "So we took some branches that we found in the woods and we quickcreted them in some old soup cans and glued paper butterflies to them." The look on her mother in law's face had to be horrific. I for one think they turned out great. We wanted something tall and substantial but needed something within our budget. All the little dodads that are surrounding were just small yardsale finds.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

And here are a few random pictures with highlights from the ceremony. If you see anything that your interested in knowing how it was done, please don't hesitate to message me. Almost every single aspect of this wedding was handmade by either myself, the bride, or the groom. I jokingly say we were being posh and not even trying because what was not made was purchased second hand and reused. Very VERY little was purchased new.

So were still kind of talking about the ceremony so next I want to show you the beautiful handmade program display. But due to my sister's inability to take pictures...!!!...grrr... (this is me stewing)  I can't do that! So I'm going to have to ask you to use your imagination. Picture this, the groom (sweet as he is) made, yes made with his own two little hands a beautiful wooden bench to sit outside of the church to sit the programs on. But that's not all he did. He carved their initials into the bench. The idea was to have a great photo opp with the bouquet laying on the bench. Are you dying!?! Now do you know why I want to kill her? I did manage to take a picture of the bench that the couple now have sitting on their front porch. You may swoon now.

We had a few surprises for the groom that we wanted to just watch his expression as he saw them. This was one of my favorite projects. The idea of course was found on pinterest (as with most everything else) but I added my little touch to it to make it mine. There are not really any directions to make this sign, it's pretty self explanatory. I basiclly used stencils to mark out my words "Last Chance to Run", painted the letters with acrylic paint and glued the burlap onto a dowel rod that had been wrapped with ribbon. I then just tied every piece of purple ribbon that I owned to the handles to add some "pretty". I even glued fabric flowers to add a little color but that could be replaced with artificial flowers or omitted entirely. The hardest part was cutting that darn burlap in a straight line. Oh, and remember to put something under your burlap while painting so it doesn't bleed through. By the way, isn't my nephew ADORABLE!!! I will try to add another shot later that may give a clearer picture. Keep checking back.

So my niece's wedding is over and things have finally calmed down around here. It was such an amazing experience. I learned some very valuable lessons (both good and bad) in wedding planning.  But, she and her new husband were ecstatic with how everything came out and so was I. If you know me you have probably heard me screaming since the wedding that my (and please know that I am saying this with every ounce of sarcasm I can muster) dear and beloved sister who was the photographer took absolutely no pictures of the decorations that I made by hand and put so much hard work into making. The pictures that I am posting were literally taken by guests that attended the wedding and were nice enough to email them to me. But like my mother always said, "there's no use crying over spilled milk". I will however remind her daily of her slip up, every day for the rest of her natural life, (and I'm not even joking... EVERY SINGLE DAY...)

This is one of the mason jars that hung on a shepherd's hook that lined the isle. I started by wrapping wire around the mouth of the jars several times winding in some colorful beads while doing so. I then made the wire into a loop to hang from the shepherd's hook. I roughly tied a mixture of ripped fabric scraps, burlap, and ribbon on the top of the wire and filled the jars with artificial flowers, eucalyptus, and moss at the bottom to hide the flower stems. We went with artificial flowers for cost reasons but you could certainly use real flowers just put water in the jars instead of moss.