Friday, October 5, 2012

I want to share my latest project(s) with you. I couldn't be happier in how it turned out. The idea kind of started with Pinterest but I changed it around a little to work for me. I stared out thinking I was going to use  shipping pallet wood. I am in love with all the great things you can make with shipping pallets and spend practically no money. During a visit to the Home Depot I ran across a whole pile of wood pieces that were marked down to 50 cent so I took advantage of a great deal and it saved me from having to break apart the pallets. My sweet husband put the slats of wood together for me and made it suitable for hanging. Then it was my turn, let me tell you it was a lot of work. These are not letters cut out with a Cricut although you could do that. These letters were hand painted and what better words to paint than the words to my favorite Elvis song. The pictures on either side were a Pinterest project as well. I had pictures printed out at my local UPS store (11 X 17 was the largest size they could print) and modge podged them on a wooden board. (remember to paint the edges) I'm just thrilled with how it all turned out. Oh I almost forgot, the shelf was originally intended to be a shipping pallet but my husband had the day off and was undoubtedly a little bored because he went one step further and created me a masterpiece with scrap wood he had laying around. I Love it!

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