Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I would be here all night if I talked about every single detail of this wedding but here are a couple more. If you don't listen to anything else I tell you please do this when planning an event. PERSONAL TOUCHES, PERSONAL TOUCHES, PERSONAL TOUCHES!!! (1) We "clothes pinned" old family pictures that were wedding or couple related. The guests had a blast going down memory lane together and laughing at some of the old hair styles. (2) My mother (the bride's grandmother) is currently battling Alzheimers. She wanted to help with the wedding plans so we sat her down to a sewing machine and she sewed nearly a hundred dinner napkins for us. We cut and ironed them and she happily sewed the edges down. I added a tea stained note explaining that if you noticed that your napkin was a little crooked or not sewn quite so straight it was because Amelia's grandmother, whom she was named after, was so excited to have been able to do her part for the wedding. It reminded them that September was Alzheimers awareness month so please remember those battling this disease as well as the families going through it with them. 
Let me tell you people that I have thrown together many, many parties with favors, and this was the first time that I literally could not find any left over to save for myself. Every single napkin favor was taken home along with the heartfelt note that was tucked inside. Guests are still talking about it. 

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