Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So my niece's wedding is over and things have finally calmed down around here. It was such an amazing experience. I learned some very valuable lessons (both good and bad) in wedding planning.  But, she and her new husband were ecstatic with how everything came out and so was I. If you know me you have probably heard me screaming since the wedding that my (and please know that I am saying this with every ounce of sarcasm I can muster) dear and beloved sister who was the photographer took absolutely no pictures of the decorations that I made by hand and put so much hard work into making. The pictures that I am posting were literally taken by guests that attended the wedding and were nice enough to email them to me. But like my mother always said, "there's no use crying over spilled milk". I will however remind her daily of her slip up, every day for the rest of her natural life, (and I'm not even joking... EVERY SINGLE DAY...)

This is one of the mason jars that hung on a shepherd's hook that lined the isle. I started by wrapping wire around the mouth of the jars several times winding in some colorful beads while doing so. I then made the wire into a loop to hang from the shepherd's hook. I roughly tied a mixture of ripped fabric scraps, burlap, and ribbon on the top of the wire and filled the jars with artificial flowers, eucalyptus, and moss at the bottom to hide the flower stems. We went with artificial flowers for cost reasons but you could certainly use real flowers just put water in the jars instead of moss. 

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