Tuesday, October 2, 2012

We had a few surprises for the groom that we wanted to just watch his expression as he saw them. This was one of my favorite projects. The idea of course was found on pinterest (as with most everything else) but I added my little touch to it to make it mine. There are not really any directions to make this sign, it's pretty self explanatory. I basiclly used stencils to mark out my words "Last Chance to Run", painted the letters with acrylic paint and glued the burlap onto a dowel rod that had been wrapped with ribbon. I then just tied every piece of purple ribbon that I owned to the handles to add some "pretty". I even glued fabric flowers to add a little color but that could be replaced with artificial flowers or omitted entirely. The hardest part was cutting that darn burlap in a straight line. Oh, and remember to put something under your burlap while painting so it doesn't bleed through. By the way, isn't my nephew ADORABLE!!! I will try to add another shot later that may give a clearer picture. Keep checking back.

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