Saturday, January 19, 2013

Okay, last post of the day. I promise. I wanted to show you a couple more signs that I managed to complete over Christmas break for my bedroom. I know what you're thinking, my house is beginning to look like a Pinterest board. But seriously, if I don't have a project going on in my life I feel like something is missing. The pictures that you see are courtesy of the WONDERFUL genieleigh photography. I actually won a free photo shoot courtesy of my beautiful Facebook friends last year and these pictures are my heart. Please be sure to go check out her site, you will not be sorry. The signs are just a plain board from Lowes, some painting, some distressing, and some letters cut out with my Cricut. Nothing too hard just a little time consuming.

During my wondrous Christmas vacation I was able to knock several "to do's" off my list. One of the best was that I was finally able to get my guest bathroom painted. While it was the most awful painting experience of my life (helpful hint: if you ever want to paint a room yellow, slap some sense into yourself and choose another color) Or at least don't be like me and buy mediocre paint. Go ahead and splurge and buy the good stuff. Believe me you will be so glad you did. Anyway, I was able to use a few of my trash to treasure finds to decorate it. I wasn't able to do too much because the bathroom is so small but I am really happy with how well the items look. I still think I may repaint it to a more subdue color but for now it will have to do. Picture number one is a (I guess it has a formal name but I call it a shredder) turned earring holder. You can paint these with spray paint if you like but I just loved the natural rustiness of it. My proudest piece was my 5 cent muffin tin turned jewelry holder. Since my 2 teenage daughters use this bathroom it is the perfect place to utilize some jewelry storage. Another kitchen item that could be used for jewelry storage is a cup holder. I actually have one in my garage just waiting for the day that I will bring it out repaint it and put it back to use again.  Picture number two is a beautiful picture that I wanted to use so badly but it was just so small, so I hung another frame around it to give it more substance. I love these old vintage pictures, I had originally planned on using a cluster of them as the art wall but again the space was so small it was just too much. In the end the daisy picture won the battle and I absolutely love the way it turned out. Now for MY bathroom... maybe next Christmas break. 

 Next is the sweetest little one year old EVER, little Skylee. I used to rub her mom's belly and beg her to have beautiful red hair. She posed for everything I asked her to. I really loved every single picture we took of her so it was very hard to not share all of them. The kerchief was my absolute favorite prop of the day and it was a spur of the moment decision. Don't you just love when that happens...

Here are a few more examples of what I like to call my "photography adventures" .  I must say I am in no way trying to take the place of a professional, I just have so many ideas and with so many nephews and nieces at my disposal along with my own kids I just can't run out to a professional every time I have an idea. Plus, that would just not be me to pass up on a diy project. There were so many beautiful shots to choose from I had a hard time picking which ones to share. These pictures are of my little Allie Grace.  I knew I wanted to do a "clothes line" scene. Wrangling a wild two year old proved to be harder than I thought but in the end they ended up turning out great. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

You know I have come to realize that a big reason that I never have any spare time is because I can never be satisfied. I see a craft or a project that I would like to try right. Okay, I do it. It turns out great and I enjoy completing the project. I should be satisfied right? WRONG! I have to take it one step further and drag it out to the max, tormenting my friends and family because I become totally obsessed with the project. Posting endless pictures on my Facebook and waiting for the dozens of "likes" to stream through my notification box. Then I have to blog about it, tormenting my friends even more, and then I have to post it to Pinterest and you get the idea it's a vicious cycle. Before I know it I'm blogging at 11:30 on a work night about a project that everyone is tired of hearing about. With that being said ... here is my latest endeavor. I am a professional photographer now. Yep, it's true. I can take pictures of you and your family and blow you away with my mad photography skills. Actually, my sister has this great camera and I have a pinterest addiction. I come up with the ideas, set up the scene, and she takes the pictures. Then I edit them to look professional. Here are just a few pictures that we have taken of my kids and a few of my friends kids. I am so happy with how they turned out. If you are one of the lucky ones and have not seen them all over my facebook yet I would love any feedback you would like to leave. First up is the Family Christmas Card. Bare with me, I will upload a few at a time.