Saturday, January 19, 2013

During my wondrous Christmas vacation I was able to knock several "to do's" off my list. One of the best was that I was finally able to get my guest bathroom painted. While it was the most awful painting experience of my life (helpful hint: if you ever want to paint a room yellow, slap some sense into yourself and choose another color) Or at least don't be like me and buy mediocre paint. Go ahead and splurge and buy the good stuff. Believe me you will be so glad you did. Anyway, I was able to use a few of my trash to treasure finds to decorate it. I wasn't able to do too much because the bathroom is so small but I am really happy with how well the items look. I still think I may repaint it to a more subdue color but for now it will have to do. Picture number one is a (I guess it has a formal name but I call it a shredder) turned earring holder. You can paint these with spray paint if you like but I just loved the natural rustiness of it. My proudest piece was my 5 cent muffin tin turned jewelry holder. Since my 2 teenage daughters use this bathroom it is the perfect place to utilize some jewelry storage. Another kitchen item that could be used for jewelry storage is a cup holder. I actually have one in my garage just waiting for the day that I will bring it out repaint it and put it back to use again.  Picture number two is a beautiful picture that I wanted to use so badly but it was just so small, so I hung another frame around it to give it more substance. I love these old vintage pictures, I had originally planned on using a cluster of them as the art wall but again the space was so small it was just too much. In the end the daisy picture won the battle and I absolutely love the way it turned out. Now for MY bathroom... maybe next Christmas break. 

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